Another WWYD advice question

Sorry, it’s part of my zodiac sign, I’m indecisive. Plus I love the logic and information from other liners to help me choose what to do.

I booked my January trip using my points I have left for the year. We are staying Sunday- Friday in a 1 BR and I basically have no points left for the year (well, 6 but that’s useless)

Since hubby has his 24 on Saturday prior, I was thinking of flying myself and DD7 down Friday evening (after school) and staying so we can have a full day on Saturday and half a day Sunday until DH arrives.

I have no points left to book, and I’d rather not borrow so I was thinking of splurging and booking a room at the contemporary or GF.
I’ve never stayed at these resorts and I’d love to just wake up and walk to MK for the day.
But the frugal part of me can’t get past splurging to stay Friday night when I’m literally going to arrive around 11 pm.

So, liners, WWYD?

  • book a cheap room at ASM for Friday then transfer to contemporary/GF Saturday (spend day at MK)then head to OKW Sunday (is that too much transferring if we’re only just going to bed the first night?)

  • abandon the plan and keep my two day at a value

  • abandon the plan and book Moderate

  • say F$&k it and just spend the money for both nights at the deluxe

How about spending the night at the hotel in MCO and then take DME first thing in the morning to your MK area resort?


I vote:

“abandon the plan and keep my two day at a value”

I’m not a fan of moving between resorts for a short stay. If you were going for 5 - 7 days & wanted to split it up somewhere it would be better / easier.

If Contemporary / GF are on your “bucket list” try to plan a trip where the resort(s) are the focus instead of the parks.


I don’t think that will work for us. I prefer to rope drop in the morning!

Does this logic help….What will it take to splurge? (ie, what are alternate uses for that money - will you need to cut elsewhere on your trip or at home before/after…work extra hours to make it up…basically, where does that splurge money come from?)

Then, you can determine if whatever you are sacrificing for the splurge is worth more to you than the splurge. If not, then splurge away!

2 of my upcoming trips include 4 different hotels over 10 nights. Both include a single night at a hotel and one includes 2 single nights before and 3 and 5 night stay. I’m definitely a fan of the split stay, especially if it means I can afford to stay at some bucket list hotels.

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Good points Amy. The trip isn’t until January. Reality I could pick up one extra shift at work and that would pay for the extra night. Downside, January is

  1. Right after Xmas
  2. When our dvc dues are due
  3. Winter in New England do you know oil prices are high.

But I put money away monthly specifically for Disney , so there’s that.

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I’ve had this problem both times I’ve been to WDW (arriving at the resort around 10-11 PM). Both times I have seriously considered staying at the MCO Hyatt but both times I ended up staying at the WDW hotel we’d continue our trip at (Poly and GDT). Easier? Yes, More convenient the next morning to get up and go right away when we only had 4 days in the parks? Yes. Cheaper? No (although I think the Hyatt was around the same price as GDT).

My main concern wasn’t so much the money but the lost rope drop that first morning. In the future I’d decide based on how many days I would have in the parks.

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I imagine in late January there may be some passholder discounts for rooms as well?

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There’s always a member discount on cash rooms as well. I think it’s 25-30%. You’ll have to call member services to book

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Go for the Contemporary! You can 100% do one extra shift between now and January to cover the extra cost! You’ll never regret doing it, only (possibly) regret NOT doing it! After the year we all just had, we deserve it!!! It will make your life SO much easier and will make a beautiful memory. (Plus, it makes me feel better for doing the exact same thing with my daughter in December) :joy:.


Is that a dvc perk? Do you need a blue card or will a white card do?

I like the way you think :wink:

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I’m your girl for pulling the trigger on any upgrades:)

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It is a DVC perk, I’m not sure about the blue/white card though.

I did it. Changed my room to ASM to CR for two nights!! Excited to be able to splurge and wake up and Walk to MK!!


LTinNC82, that is me too. A few years ago we vacationed in Arizona and our max stay was 2 nights. Lots of one-night stays. That was because while there are lots of super-cool things to do, they are spread out. Our family became experts at it.
For anyone wondering why Arizona? The slot canyons should be on everyone’s bucket list.
The trick to split stays is packing for it and having a car to leave all your stuff.

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