Another "Which Park" Question

Myself, DH, and DD2.5 will be at Disney April 20-25. We have 6 day non-PH tickets - my original plan put us at MK three days (arrival day, departure day, and one full day in between) and visiting the three other parks one full day each. I’ve been looking at my touring plans and am now thinking maybe we only need 2 days at MK (one full and one half day) but am not sure which other park to do an additional half day at or if I should just do MK as planned.

I’ve been searching the forum and know this is very subjective, but I thought I’d throw it out there as I value y’alls opinions!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

IMHO - MK is a full two day park. - You need two full days if you want to experience everything at least once w/ a few repeat rides and possibly meeting a few characters.

If you don’t want to do MK for a third day, I’d consider adding an extra day to DHS. Even with the predicted CLS at 2 - 5 (which I don’t believe to be accurate. They’ll be adjusted and most likely increase in the CL calendar update the first week of April)

Right now, in February the slowest month on the WDW operating calendar, DHS is extremely crowded. This is only going to increase after the new MMRR ride opens 3/04/2020.

With a 2.5 year old, I think 2.5 days at MK is ideal. 1.5 days really isn’t enough. If your daughter is anything like my 2 toddlers, there will be many rides at MK she wants to do multiple times that you might not expect. And with a 2.5 year old, you lose a lot of time each day to an afternoon nap, potty breaks, snack breaks and even getting in and out of a stroller. My kids had fun at the other parks, but MK was by far their favorite.

Thank you! Y’all have convinced me to stop doubting myself and keep MK in the plans for all three days!

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If either you or your husband really wants to do RotR or MMRR at DHS and they still have BG or some variation thereof in place, I would go ahead and book FP at MK for your departure day, but have that be a tentative plan (so mostly re-rides) that you are willing to scrap if you weren’t able to get BG on your HS day. That will take a little stress off your HS day.

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