Another wait time question

Hi Everyone,

In general, what seems like a good overall wait time for a 9 day at MK? I keep playing with my TP, but I can’t for the life of me get the total wait time much under 200 minutes. I may repost my plans tomorrow night, but I hate to ask you to review my plans again. There was a post a couple of days ago by someone who is going in late August and had wait times of 90-110 minutes total, but I was unable to view their plan and can’t get mine anywhere near that. I am not opposed to waiting 20 minutes for a ride, which is what most of our ride wait times are shortly after rope drop, but if we can get under that, than fantastic! Thoughts? Thanks!

Go ahead, post again!! And once more give us the ages and who is going to be touring, onsite or off-site

On a 9 day, anything under 30 min should be considered relatively good. I personally do not like to wait more than 20 min, so that’s why I don’t go during high crowd times. You know it’s crowded when iasw has a 60+ min wait…

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Thanks so much! We are telling the kids this morning that we leave on Sunday for Disney. I will repost my latest MK TPs tonight after I do some final tweaking. The people on this forum are amazing - many, many thanks!


Total wait times depend not only on the CL, but also on the number of attractions you are doing and which specific attractions. Your 200+ minutes might be great given what you want to do. As long as you are using the Optimize function you can rest assured that you are probably getting the best possible plan for what you want to do.

We are telling our kids today after school(last day) and my 4 y/o son’s bday that we are leaving Monday. Can’t wait!

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What an amazing surprise for them! They’re going to be so excited.