Another transportation question

We plan to go visit the Boardwalk one evening. If we don’t want to drive our own car, what is the best way to get there from Pop Century? Bus to Epcot? We’ve driven before, but read that parking is difficult lately. Suggestions?

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You can bus to Epcot, then walk through to the International Gateway and either take a boat or walk to Boardwalk. Another option it you don’t want to walk all the way through Epcot would be to take the bus to HS, and catch the boat there without having to enter the park itself.

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I think that bus to HS then walk/boat is so much faster/easier/less walking than going through Epcot- but that is just a “feeling” and preference😉

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I agree with @PrincipalTinker that HS is the better option over Epcot. It’s a nice walk along the water.
Do you have a park hopper? If not, you’ll be using a park entrance for a walk through Epcot.

Will you leave before the parks close (or within the hour after they close) so you can get bus transportation back to Pop?

I agree on the boat from HS, however when we were there the wait is tremendous. I think there is a walkway from there but not sure. Another option would be to go to the closest park and take a bus to the boardwalk! Just an option!

There is a walkway. You head towards the MK bus stop and there is a pathway along the river (side opposite boat dock). I very rarely take the boat. The walk is usually around 20 minutes and it is lovely.