Another SDD and Rope Drop Question

When I put it in TP and optimize it pushes SDD down to later in the day (5pm). I thought the best advice was to still RD…am I missing something?

It assumes you’re entering the park at 9, not truly RD. You should put in a 1 minute break at RD. If you’re not at the front of the pack though the line builds very quickly and you may be better off doing everything else with a lower wait if if that means waiting a bit more for SDD.

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We rope dropped it last Wednesday.
We left our vacation rental at 7:20AM.
We cleared security at somewhere around 7:45AM.

I can’t tell you when we went through the tap stiles, but it was early. I took all the photos off my phone and put them on a bolt drive, so I don’t have time stamps right now (still on vacation).

My kids were dead center at the rope and we stood there close to 45 minutes. We did not stop for any photos on the way to the rope.

Here’s my thread from last week with some photos.

We were off the ride at 9:11 AM.

My advice is if you consider the rope from left to right in increments of 1 to 10, to stand around the 7-8 mark. Like mentally divide the rope into halves and stand in the middle of the right half. As they walk you under the overpass, people in the edges start getting shaved off. It didn’t really matter that much as we were in so easily, but man - it feels stressful.

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Unfortunately our HS day is 12/6, day after RoR opens, so I’m imaging that RD is going to be crazy and we will have my parents with us and I’m not sure if they can keep up. I’m so torn on my TP for this day!! I have all my other ones done!

I feel like RD is going to be crazy, can’t decide if we chance RD or wait until later. We want to do JBJB would we miss that if we try to do SDD at the end of the day?
Those picture of that crowd look crazy!

We loved JBJB and I don’t know if there is any guarantee SDD will be quieter then…

Are your parents likely to ride SDD? Can you catch up with them at the next attraction?

That crowd was behind us!!! And it was a 3/10 day.

This is what I would do. Set them up in Starbucks if they don’t want to ride and then they can walk back after the pack - they should catch up to you just as you get off.

If you look at actual wait times for SDD throughout the day, the average wait times drop significantly after 6:00 pm most of the time…sometimes even below RD levels.

There is also a drop-off about 1 to 1 1/2 hours after RD…these are the RD folks leaving, and the SWGE people not yet having arrived.

There isn’t 100% consistency, but it is useful information to consider.

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Agreed. I’ve been following the times too and many of the rides with long waits have a drop about 1 to 1 1/2 hours after RD before the rest of the crowds arrive. In our TPs we include one of the rides with longer waits then because it is usually easy to get one without a long wait.

My mom usually does ride the coasters with us, my dad doesn’t. Maybe I could sticker her in his scooter and we could run people over to get to the front?? j/k

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I’ll have to look at this, I hadn’t paid attention to that detail. Maybe I’ll create another TP and see what that looks like!

Put a Fast Pass for 9am in your plan. That will force it to the top usually.
We RD it last Wed. We got there around 8:15. We were in line for SDD by 8:45 and off about 9:20 if I remember right. It was definitely worth it.

Here is my solution to that problem :slight_smile: