Another Mousekeeping tipping question (DVC)

I searched this topic, but the answers left me confused.

I know that Mousekeeping for DVC is every 4 days. But how do you handle tipping? Should you tip once at the end for the entire stay? We’ll be staying 7 nights. So, it seems possible that they could do Mousekeeping twice, depending on which day they do Mousekeeping first. (If they do Mousekeeping on day 2, for example, then they would come twice, but if on day 4, then only once.)

What is the R&C tip for DVC Mousekeeping?

So technically housekeeping dues are paid for within the owner’s maintenance fees. So technically a tip is not required at all.

However, I can’t not tip, so I tip at the end of the stay.

If you call to have extra items brought up at any time you could certainly leave a tip or hand off a tip at that time too

I tip on each day that we get either trash and towel service or a full clean. Plus at the end. Like every resort, there could be different housekeeping staff.

As for the schedule, that’s day 4, day 8, and every 4th day after that. Where check-in day is day 1.

I’ve had several jobs in housekeeping over the decades I’ve been old enough to vote. So I’m all about recognizing what housekeeping does. At a regular resort I will tip every day - if the service is good. Otherwise, not even a little.

Except at DVC. We usually will have dumped our own trash by day 4 and we keep our towels hung up daily. In the handful of DVC visits we’ve had I don’t recall even noticing that housekeeping had been there.

So, we haven’t tipped. Ever.


I always tip at check out and if I call. These days since they come in every day I do not leave anything for that service. If I call for blankets, more towels or coffee and then hand them to me, I will tip the person that delivers them to me.

With the changes in DVC mousekeeping it’s a bit odd. If i walked into a clean room that is stocked i’m going to tip when i leave. generally i tip $3 a night, so for me I usually end up throwing a $20 on the counter.

The important thing is to put your mousekeeper’s kids through college and buy them a car, and then make a huge fuss about your generosity on social media. It’s so important that other people know how charitable and, frankly, simply wonderful you are.

Generic you. You’re all nuts when it comes to tipping.

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Garbage every day
Towels on day 4
Full service on day 7

We tip at checkout or if we make a special call.

I’m American and they make me feel bad, because I don’t think I’ve ever tipped hotel housekeeping.

Well next time just give them the keys to your Lexus.

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Ah…this I didn’t know.

Thing is, I still feel embarrassed about my last stay, in 1995. :slight_smile: I was young, newly married, and had never been anywhere where tipping (other than waiters) was part of my life so I knew nothing about it. When we arrived at Dixie Landings, I had no cash in my wallet, and it quickly became clear I was supposed to tip the shuttle driver (pre-MDE) and tip the guy who brought us and our luggage to our room. I had nothing to give.

So, I’d rather not make such a mistake again. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, based on the responses here, I’ll tip at the end of our stay. Thanks everyone!

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I am also interested. My trip starts next weekend.