Another HS strategy post

I know. It’s gonna be a cluster no matter what. Just trying to be less clustery. Fine tuning my attack after the last round of feedback from you awesome Liners.

We are onsite and will RD Studios on 12/23 but not front of the pack. Paying for G+, ROTR, and MMRR.

Option 1:
-7am book LL SDD - hopefully for AM, midmorning ROTR, early afternoon MMRR
-RD Sunset
-Ride ROTR (ILL)
-Ride SDD (LL)
-11am book TSMM (our only other must do that will be a long line)
-Ride MMRR (ILL)
-1pm/3pm book whatever is available
-Fill in with pin trading, Muppets, ST, etc

Option 2:
-7am book LL MFSR or TSMM (which?), ROTR midmorning, MMRR after lunch
-RD Sunset
-MFSR or TSMM via SB depending on which LL we got
-ride MFSR or TSMM with LL
-Ride ROTR (ILL)
-11am don’t book LL
-12:02 try for SDD drop. If unsuccessful book whatever is available
-2:02 don’t book LL unless got SDD at 12:02 drop. If no 12:02 drop wait for 2:32 and try then.
-Subsequent LL as available (if any)
-Fill in with pins, muppets, ST, etc.

Also wondering if we should make ROTR ILL in the afternoon to allow more cushion in the morning touring.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom.

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What is RD Sunset?

Rope Drop Sunset Blvd…

For what?

I assume ToT and RnRC.


Yes, for ToT and RNRC. Sorry.

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At HS today. Take a look at what we did. But in summary MFSR will be open early and should be a walk on. I booked Rise and MMRR at 7 and then SDD at 7:10 ish. There’s a second release of SDD then. By 7:13 if a good SDD doesn’t drop you can still get a LL for a second priority. The SDD RD line was super long and I’m happy we avoided it.


I hadn’t seen your latest post (but I have been following your great trip report!). Thanks for the ideas. And I LOVE that pic of your DD on the swing with the Minnie ears. That’s a keeper.


Thanks! It was a great spot to relax for literally 30 seconds as kids do. HS was crowded and will be on the 23rd. Make sure you take a break midday. We would not have been able to do Rise without ILL yesterday. Only thing we missed because of the break and time we got back to park was BntB. Otherwise you can really do everything there. Good luck!

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LOL! Well, it was a photogenic 30 seconds.

We are usually a RD through closing down the park family. We’ve never been during the holidays and I’m dreading the crowds a bit. We’ve had many conversations about managing expectations and planning to take a midday break from the crowds everyday. We are at BWV so we can walk back for some down time on the 23rd.

Looking forward to hearing how your Epcot day goes. Ours is the day after VMAH so we won’t arrive until 12:30 or 1 after a late brunch at Cape May. Have fun!!

We were at DW first week of December. Slinky Dog is gone by 7:02. We got late afternoon.

We got to HS 45 minutes earlier then Disney resort opening, and we walked right in. Did ROTR then did Millenium Falcon twice in a row. We also purchased ROTR for later in the day. The rest of the day went great, with Genie+ filling in for other attractions so that we didn’t wait more then 10 minutes.

Our second day at HS, we did same thing, got there early (maybe 35 minutes early) and went to ROTR first… and stood in line for almost 2 hours, most of that time not moving, because it broke down. After a half hour we should have left the line, but nobody was leaving. They sent us out and gave us a pass to use on it whenever. But by then, almost everything in the park was already 45 minutes or more.

Just be prepared if you live and die by ROTR, it is pure luck if it goes like our first day. That ride breaks down all the time.