Another HS planning question

If RoTR is not running during evening extra magic hours at HS does that mean the park might be less crowded during that time? I read yesterday that MMRR has to close before the Star Wars fireworks so on a night they are open until 10pm do you think they would re-open the ride after the fireworks? We have some flexibility in our schedule now so just wondering if it would give us a shot at riding MMRR without waiting too long. We haven’t been to HS yet so our FP’s are SDD, TSM and Rockin Roller coaster.

MMRR is not open during EMH unfortunately.

Well there goes that idea! Thanks so much!!!

As long as RotR is still on the BG procedure, I would think that evenings in HK will be much less crowded than mornings (regardless) of XMH.

We were there this week and, on a 8:00PM closing, at 7:20, MDSM was posted at 20 mins and SDD was posted at 40 mins.

We ended up doing AS2 at 7:25 (almost walk-on) and SDD at 7:40 and we were done at 8:05.

With so many people there early, only few of them remain until closing. Many will stay until their BG get called and than leave. Visitors get tired with heavy crowds and long wait line in the morning.

I you can, I would try to take advantage of evenings in HS (even more with XMH). With a good break in afternoon, you can be there at RD to get your BG and still have enough energy to use the short lines in the evenings.

Another advantage of using XMH is the fact that you could see the nighttime shows (Fantasmic or SW Spectacular) and still have 90 mins left after.

That is awesome!! Thanks so much!!!