Another Genie+ scenario question

Saw this on Facebook and the answers are all over the place. Curious what you guys think is the official answer?

“At 7 am, I book a Slinky Dog for 11:30 am
At 11 am (120 minutes post park opening) I book another pass for Star Tours at 12:30 pm

Am I able to book my third genie plus for that day after my Slinky Dog ride at 11:30 am OR do I have to wait until my Star Tours ride is scanned in at 12:30 pm?”

You have to wait until after you use your Star Tours at 12:30 since your last LL booked is the one that causes the next action.


@pt is correct.


I am goig to 2nd that motion.


3rd. PT is correct.

The rule is your last one booked is the one that is actionable. So your next LL can be booked when you tap into the last attraction booked, or 2 hours after you booked the last attraction, whichever comes first.

Once your two hours passed, that used up your action for SDD.


The confusion is that when G+ first started, it would have been after SD. That changed and not everyone knows.


So the return times for both Genie+ and ILL are 1-hour windows?

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Is that true or did people think that was the way it worked?

I think it was true at first wasn’t it? That’s how people were stacking so many.

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I thought they were using their actionable one and then booking two for one but you might be right.

It was complicated, I remember that much. Of course it’s still complicated :roll_eyes:


Yep - any tap in allowed you to get another for a brief moment. It doesnt help that Genie doesn’t consistently tell you when you can make your next one. Maxpass and the original FP were pretty clear.


And I think that 120-minute rule adds to the confusion.
I haven’t used it yet but I imagine it’s quite possible that people flipping through Genie after either tapping or a 120-minute expiration and they suddenly see that they can book an LL and misinterpret why it’s working.


As @heathernoel and @missoverexcited said, yes, it’s the way it worked. You can still find YouTube videos and blog posts from the first couple of months that teach you how to take advantage of it, so it’s likely people are still watching and reading those and not realizing they’re working with outdated info.

Another fun loophole was based on the fact that you can also book another lightning lane after the one-hour window expires, but then you have (or had?) a 15-minute grace period on the window. People could let their window expire, book a new LL, and then tap in for their expired window before the grace period was up, triggering another LL opportunity and essentially getting two LLs for the “price” of one. That loophole was closed, too, of course.

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This thread is developing into a “Bad Genie Advice” thread.

And to add to that, there reportedly was a loophole where attractions with two Tapstyles would allow you to get two new LLs, one for each tap.

Yes there was at first.

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Yes, that was my two for one reference .

We tried to shut down the bad genie advice threads, not continue them!

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Yeah- I couldn’t remember but all of that is gone.