Another FPP question

Our trip is 4/30-5/4. Our party includes me (5.5 months pregnant at the time), my husband, my mother-in-law, and my 3 year old son. There are a few rides I can’t do that the rest of the party has FPP for- like KS (I know some people say go ahead and do it but I’m not willing to chance it at this time). Since essentially I’ll have an “extra” FPP since I’m not getting one for KS, can I get a FPP for a ride like Expedition Everest (that we currently don’t have FPP for) and let my husband use it? Like, he can just take my magic band during that time and ride it? He says he will get “caught” but is this a big deal? I’m still not using more than 3 FPP per member of my party.
I’m just curious. If this is a huge red flag NO let me know.

CMs don’t really care. As long as the band has been used for entry that day, anyone can use the FP.


Definitely doable. No guilt. We have done this before with EE.


Thanks @missoverexcited and @momfourmonkeys! This is what I was hoping to hear. Now I can tell my husband to stop being so paranoid.

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We do this all the time - do not be worried about it. My parents wouldn’t be interested in something so we switched magic bands.

I went last year at about 6 months pregnant and had a good time. Make sure to have comfy shoes and lots of water. I ate a LOT of Dole Whip. One of the most peaceful times was when my family was on the Safari and I grabbed a Dole Whip and people watched for a half an hour. Enjoy!

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Cast members won’t care. Although they may give an odd look when the name pops up “Cindy” but there’s a dude walking through the fastpass line. Not that there’s anything wrong with a dude named Cindy. :slight_smile:

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Haha! My name is Amy so that’s even better!