Another FP question and general advice

I first need to apologize for my inane questions concerning FP and for all of those who have patience in explaining this yet again to someone like me. I have actually completed various degrees of higher education with chemistry being my major in undergrad (organic chemistry was easy for me) but for some reason the fast pass system somewhat eludes me!
So my Q is concerning a potential upcoming trip. We are now thinking of going to Universal for 3 days and then checking into WDW resort on day of MVMCP during first weekend in Dec 2018. Then we may go to AK the next day (family did not want to revisit all WDW parks and AK was voted the favorite by all). So if we had 1 day tickets for that day when would our FP window be? Does it start on our check in day? I am thinking it does but even then we will have only 1 day before our AK day to try for FP FOP. I guess we would just keep our fingers crossed that it is a Monday in December (low cl day).

Yes FP window opens 60 days from your first onsite day (checkin)

I am trying to understand what you are looking for in FP information. As stated you can select FP’s up to 60 days in advance and if staying at a Disney resort you get an advantage of booking your FP’s before many non staying people do. If you are only staying and going to the AK one day, there really is no advantage to you here. Now you can make FP’s the same day you are there either before you go into the park or while you are there. Use the Disney mobile app to make them. One big problem is FOP. It is very popular and the FP must be made well in advance. The said, if you watch your mobile app while your at the park you might get lucky and snag one. I think if you wish to ride FOP you should be at AK before rope drop and once let in head for Pandora and get in the standby line. Good luck.

And on that day you can book for up to 14 days of your onsite resort stay, as long as you have tickets linked to MDE.

You can only make FPs for the no. Of days on your ticket, but they can be any days, don’t need to be consecutive.

Thanks for your reply. So I think this has been answered for split stay questions but if we were to go to WDW first, then check out and got to Universal, then come back to WDW for 1-2 days does my FP window for those days start on the days I come back? Or if my park tickets are linked to MDE can I book FP 60days out for those later days from my first check-in date if they are within the 14 days of my initial check in? I hope my question makes sense.

So in that case, you can make FPs for the whole of the first stay 60 days out.

At that point you won’t be able to continue making them for the second stay all at once. But the 60 day window will roll over day by day until 60 days out from the second stay. Then you can book for the whole of the second stay at once.

In practice, since you’ll be at Universal, that won’t make much difference. But if you were moving to an offsite resort and still wanted to visit WDW you would at least get the 60 day advantage for the offsite stay.

Ok, I guess that won’t give us more of an advantage to try to get FP for FOP but we will just have to see if luck is with us. At least we got to go once in October with FP! So far planning Universal with the EP has been seemingly a bit easier. I’m sure however I will run into some caveats there too.

We got lucky with FOP. Fiirst timers to Florida didn’t get fastpass. Went after KS when it was raining towards park closing. That is another option to ride if you don’t get FPP

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