Another FP question....about same day FP availability

we will be park hopping a few days and going to Epcot at night…is it likely to be able to score a Soarin, Test Track or FEA fast pass on the day of (after i have exhausted my first 3 FP of course).

we are going the week before Labor Day so crowd levels for Epcot are around 3 - 5

Here is a helpful link for same day FPP availability.

Depends on your party size. I have had good luck with TT and soaring but not so much FEA

I think yes. We were there in April (right after the high spring break CLs). At 4pm, we were able to get a 6pm test track for a group of 5. Its just one example, but it did happen…good luck!

I have good luck finding TT FPP as well! Two the day before Epcot and two on the day of.