Another fastpass question and tours

our FastPass day is tomorrow.

We have signed up for the guided Star Wars tour on the Thursday of our trip. It’s from ~8am - 1pm and then the fireworks in the evening. I was planning on going back to our hotel during the break - we are doing EMM at TSL earlier in the week. But I feel weird about not having a FastPass for that day at all. Should I grab some just in case? And if so…which park?

Sun: MK and check in
Mon: EPCOT and HEA dessert party
Tues: EMM Fantasyland and date night - as long as they let us schedule the Pixar play zone evening for the kids
Wed: EMM TSL and AK in evening
Thurs: Star Wars guided tour
Fri: AK

We are staying at BLT if that matters and are planning on taking a mid-day break every day.

Thanks in advance!

No real downside to grabbing a few just in case.

You could schedule one at 1 FP (like SDD) at 1 pm to do as leaving park. And then book ToT and RNRR back to back so you can ride one then the other when you come back. Like if you are going back to HS at around 7 then book one at 6pm and one at 7pm.

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