Another Fantasmic question

Debating weather to go to Hollywood & Vine or Mama’s. Which do you think is better?
What are the entrees for each? I thought H&V was a buffet? That was years ago. I couldn’t find the menus.


Mama’s. It is sit down and H&V is a buffet. We have eaten there twice and enjoyed it. The menus are here on Touring Plans and the WDW site, I will see if I can post a link. For the Fantasmic package you will get an appetizer, entree, and a dessert platter to share. and

I like MM. I avoid both buffets (except BG) and CMs, so H&V is a double strike-out…

MM isn’t spectacular but it’s average… nothing that will make you turn your nose up. That’s where we always choose… it’s pretty hard to screw up pasta.

Wahoohokie - thanks for links I didn’t know there were menu on TP!
Can you order any entrée at Mama’s? I thought maybe there was a special menu for Fantasmic.

Unless it has changed this year (we went in 2014 & 2015), you can pick any entree you want off the regular menu.

We enjoyed H&V - DH and DS always want a buffet if possible as they are big eaters. They don’t like character meals though so we may try MM if we do the package again.

I think the pizza is second only to VN on property.