Another EEH question here... Sorry :/

Animal Kingdom is having extra evening hours on Saturday nights in June. Is it reasonable to think they will continue that in July and August?

Thanks D

They only go to July 4.

I’d guess they will be added. Final hours (final ish) are published around 15th of the month for the following month.

I was looking back in years. Seems like they develop a pattern and stick to it. Just hoping they do the same this year.

I thought AK had EMHs every night through June?

They go through July 4th, but there are currently no and to go beyond that.

The EEH at AK are just until July 4th. They are doing in conjunction with Pandora opening.

Yes, my point is that you cannot predict based on a time where there are EMH every night.

I think the determinant will be how quickly Pandora becomes the draw it needs/is expected to be.

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