Another DVC question

It looks like we will be renting DVC points. We will be renting privately from a friend so we won’t have broker to make us a package. If I buy tickets from AAA or another discounter, is it a pain to get our whole reservation onto our magic bands? is that an issue if I buy direct from Disney? Me can I still arrange to use my Magic Band to pay for things?

This isn’t difficult at all. If you buy from a 3rd party, you will either get a code vis email or a card with a code that you enter into MDE. That links your ticket with each person’s account which mlinks them to the Magic Bands that you will get. Easy peasy. I’ve also heard that you can scan a barcode with your phone to link it but I haven’t done that myself.

Ditto what @VFLnSFD said. In fact, as far as I know brokers don’t act like travel agents and make a “package” for you - you still have to link the DVC reservation and tickets to your MDE account yourself.

Also, check out the TP ticket price calculator to find the best deals from third party resellers.

Ditto ditto @VFLnSFD & @brklinck

Also, if you need to make Magical Express reservations, the DVC member needs to arrange that for you. I nearly blew that on our last trip. Ask them to do that asap, if you plan to use it.