Another Date Night Post

What are your favorite spots for an adult only meal?

I don’t like seafood, Indian, or sushi. I love Italian. My husband is open to anything. Outside parks only.

My current list for consideration is:
Bull and Bear
Il Mulino
Morimoto Asia

I would love any input on those choices, or other recommendations.

Thank you!

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Boat House, seated on the water, is nice. Inside is too crowded.


I have Bull and Bear at the end of the month, I’ll let you know!

I also love Italian and DH is a huge steak house guy. We loved Yachtsman over at Yacht Club and Le Cellier in Canada.

ETA, sorry, just saw outside of parks so scratch Le Cellier.

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I walk by Shula’s every night and it looks good. Always full of people and what I imagine as a date night vibe.

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Jaleo is amazing.


We had a lot of fun at both Enzo’s Hideaway and The Edison. Neither are fancy, but both have great atmosphere.

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Topolinos gets rave reviews, but I really did not enjoy my dinner there. Breakfast was amazing though. IL Mulino is good, but I don’t think it’s date night worthy. STK has never had a good review for dinner from what I’ve seen. My order for the others would be Bull and Bear, Shulas, then Morimoto Asia.