Another Covid era TP question - any takers

I just read another question over on the DIS about the TP plans in the current non-FP era.

Anyone want to give some first hand advice?

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I don’t think they work as well right now because the data is not as helpful with less predictably, lower staffing, etc.

But they are better than winging it.


What thread on Disboards?

In the Theme Park Attractions & Stategies forum, “How well is TouringPlans working in a non-fastpass world”. About 6 threads down.

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I agree they are better than winging it.

Although others (some that are posting on the DIS) will rail against the thought that they are a predictable human being, TouringPlans (TP) has proven time and again that they have a grasp on crowd behaviors and patterns. People are just plain predictable.

The beauty is TP is not a stagnate group. They are constantly tweaking the algorithms and have people on the ground making observations to account for factors that may impact crowd flow and wait times. In addition, I hear they are already looking into how the new Genie will impact crowd flows.

Does that mean TP is perfect? Absolutely not.

We are definitely in a different era where there are additional external pressures effecting wait times. I have confidence that the TP team will figure it out.


I agree with that last bit and neglected to say so.

I believe that after we get through this time TPs will function as well or better than before. I love them and believe in the. Or I wouldn’t still be using them all these years later


Definitely better than winging it.
You need all help you can get in the non-fast pass era.

It’s that simple!

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I will admit I was a bit worried. We are in Orlando now and this is our first time using the personalized plans & app. I had always made my own based on the book.

So far, I have found the wait time predictions to be pretty good, usually erring on the long side. I trust them way better than the posted wait times.

I would worry a bit more about using the static plans, but I think even those would be better than no plan.