Another BOG ? pastries and allergies

Do all breakfast entrees come with the pastry basket? It seems to be included with certain ones on the menu, but it is confusing. For instance the cronut lists coming with pastries (which you probably wouldn’t want after a big sweet breakfast), but it isn’t listed with Feast a la Gaston (which is savory, so a pastry might be enjoyed?)

Also has anyone had the pastry basket with allergies (one person with peanut/tree nut and another person with gluten allergy)? Are they good?

The pastries come out for all tables. As long as they know how many are in your party, they include enough for everyone.

I sat next to a party that got the gluten free pastries. They looked nice. I suppose if there are folks with allergies in your group, they can give them a try. I’m thinking you can request one plate of each if there are those who are allergy-free. They will box up whatever you are unable to eat if you wish to take them with you.

My oldest son is allergic to peanut and tree nuts. They brought him his own try of pastries! They were good!

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You can also request more pastries! They boxed up the leftovers from my second plate and DH and I munched on them all day.

The allergy pastries at BOG are slices of tea cake from Erin McKenna’s bakery. When I was there they gave me three–lemon, chocolate, and another one I don’t remember. They were delicious! Especially the lemon!

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