Annual Passholder Room Discounts

Can anyone predict when AP room discounts will become available for October 2015?

This should help:

It shows when different discounts were released the past few years.

@MountainEARs I was wondering the same thing. I’ve been crunching the numbers for the whole “convert one 10 day ticket to an AP for the discounts” thing. Knowing how much the discount would be will help.

A follow up question: do AP discounts apply only to certain types of rooms? I am shooting for a Woods View queen+bunk bed room at WL. Looking at some of the past discounts I can see some room restrictions but some just say 30% at WL. So the question is: All rooms at WL?

I believe the current offer covers all types of rooms, but not all resorts. This is my first AP discount booking. woohoo! Don’t forget to calculate the merch discount (10%) and TIW (20% TS- initial $75). My upgrade paid for itself during our visit!

I think the problem is there has to be rooms of that type available. I have booked rooms and when the AP rate came out sometimes I can get a cheaper room or better view for the same price. Other times only club level rooms were available.