Annual Passholder Photo Pass & sharing

We will be at WDW the same time as some friends who aren’t annual pass holders. Is it possible to add her to my photopass without giving access to my entire MDE?

Yes. I have an AP and a friend of mine who visits Disney yearly is able to use my photopass benefit. We are linked on MDE only for shared reservations and for photos. So we can’t see each others ADRs or hotel reservations or FPP reservations (unless we doing them together). But we can see each other photos. Now I am the only one who can download the photos. So you have to be willing to do that.

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So just add her as Family & Friends & check the appropriate permissions? Just didn’t want to accidentally chancel her ADRs, FP or vice versa.

Yes, just check only shared plans and photos. You won’t mess with any of her reservations and she can’t do anything to yours either.