Annual pass

We will be there in November with 7 day tickets no park hopper then returning in Feb.for a soccer tournament with limited time in the park. How would we upgrade and would it be worth it?

How many trips are you planning over the next 12 months? Do you usually stay on-site?

There's 10% off merchandise, and access to buy Tables in Wonderland, which are big factors in getting at least 1.

How many days is the soccer tournament? will you add on pre/post days?

These are the only two within that time period unless we go back the following November. The tournament is over Presidents day weekend, but could possible add a day or two.

Does your soccer package include tickets, and if so, costs? and can you opt out ?

With 7 days, plus 2 or 3 partial days, I would up grade on day 1...

1) Hopping

2) Two or three hour partial days(how sad to finish a day of soccer and sit in your resort
wishing you could go ride Soar'n and see Illuminations)

3) "Surprise" trips during the next year.

4) Discounts

...but it's a close call.

What discounts are available to annual pass holders? How do you go about upgrading?

10% off merch at Disney owned shops and 10% off at many, but not all, restaurants at WDW.
Here's a link...

To upgrade, just go to guest services, at any park or DTD.