Annual Pass vs Package tickets

How difficult is it to upgrade your current package tickets to annual pass tickets?

I have 10 days worth of ADRs that I can’t lose. And, my current package is Free Dining.

Your adrs are not linked to your tix /package in anyway. Can’t help with upgrade but normally use 1day tgen upgrade is best. I have made adrs before buying tix
EDIT with free dining you can’t upgrade to AP before using tix on first day or you will lose your fd .

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The free dining for me is like gold. I can’t lose my free dining.

Just wait until you’re in the park on one of your first few days and stop by guest services.

As a side note to your other thread you cannot get free dining while renting points. But for me the cost difference makes paying oop for food worth every penny.

@Outer1 - yes, that appears to be true about renting and OOP worth it! the quotes on their website are amazing!

Also, CM told me that upgrading to annual pass on my first day will NOT impact my free dining on my current package!

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Yes you can do it on your first day but you must enter a park first to activate your 10 day tix .

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