Annual pass upgrade in dining package

If you have tickets as part of a free dining package can they be upgraded to a annual pass? If so how? Is TIW art of the annual pass or purchased separately? How does it compare to FD for party of 5, 2 adults, 2 teens, 1 child

In order, yes you can upgrade your tickets to APs, TiW is a separate purchase, and you might very well do better with the AP RO discount and TiW than a FD package but you would have to run the numbers for your group to make certain.

The tables in wonderland card costs $100 and you receive 20% off most table service meals. The 20% includes alcohol and if your family likes to order apps instead of desserts you have that flexibility. There is an automatic 18% tip that is added to the bill ( before discount).

I think of our TIW car like paying for the tip when we eat at TS restaurants. When you are looking at numbers, be sure to include the 10% off merchandise you get with AP also.

So free dining feeds 5 of you. Moderate resort? Figure 25% room discount. Let’s use PORS and call the standard room $200. Take 25% off for AP RO discount - $50 per day. I am guessing you will all eat more than $50 a day in 2 CS and a snack. With that many people free dining starts making sense.