Annual pass ticket conversion-undercover tourist


I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I am trying to find the answer and find all different answers online. My question is are tickets bought from undercover tourist completely upgrade-able to an annual pass? I find answers that say you have to use 1 day first or won't get the discount, I read no only if it a magic your way ticket from WDW itself..if I buy say 3 day park hoppers, can I turn that into an annual pass once there? Do I have to use it first? How does that work?

And also, you get the amount paid for tickets off the annual pass price too, right? So it would make sense to pay for park hoppers bc I will get that extra amount off the AP price?
Has anything changed for 2017?


Yes, you can upgrade Undercover Tourist tickets to an annual pass. Advice is to use it first so that you will then get full credit for the current Disney price on the ticket, and it would lock in your savings. In February I received full credit on a discounted ticket that I upgraded without going into the park first.


What you want to look for is the UT ticket that has the greatest discount amount vs the official WDW price, as that is the amount you will be saving when you upgrade the ticket to an AP.


Just do not use a water park ticket on an waterpark entry if you do not want to get an AP that does not include the water parks.