Annual pass shopping benefits

Based on @PrincipalTinker’s post elsewhere about how you can use your AP discount BEFORE you activate it in the Disney Shop app, I thought I’d follow up with a broader question.

When you go to buy an Annual Pass, it says those infamous words, “up to,” when listing benefits. Specifically:

“Up to 20% off select merchandise in store or online at Shop Disney Parks”

Does anyone know if Magic Bands are included in that “select merchandise”?

I’m still pondering whether I’ll bother with Magic Bands for our May 2020 trip, but I’m starting to lean toward the “yes” side of things. Getting that 20% discount would help nudge it a little further.

And what things are generally NOT included in that “select merchandise” category?

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Yes, Magic Bands are included.

I honestly can’t think of any “normal” merchandise that we’ve not been given a discount on.

Thanks! That’s good news.

The only thing I haven’t been able to use it on was the Sanaa bread service board at the AKL Kidani gift shop. Because it was carved by artisans, they said it doesn’t get the discount.

I ordered my annual pass. Linked it to My Disney Experience. But when I tried to order magic bands from either of the shop Disney apps, they would not apply the annual pass discount. So I ordered the magic bands using Disney Visa card so I could get the 10% discount, but they would allow that either.

So strike out on discounts for annual pass and Disney Visa. :frowning:

Oh no! I’ve never used my AP outside of the resort, so I had no idea the shopping site wouldn’t take it. That’s such a shame!