Annual Pass Savings Surprise?

Planning a 10-night March 2017 trip to WDW. Planned to purchase 9 days worth of park admission tix, but just realized that Annual Passes will save us 400 per person. Can this be?!?! We will stay at a resort hotel, so I believe we can still make ADRs at 180 days (which is less than 2 weeks away!) and FPPs at 60 days. Am I missing something or some perk by not doing the AP...or did we just realize some awesome -saving info? TIA.

Curious how you’re saving $400 per person by purchasing an AP?
An adult 9-day ticket with park hopper is $459. An adult AP is $749.

Oh my, can you tell I’ve been staring at the computer too long? Just realized that I was multiplying the total by the number in our party…but it already was the total. AP not a deal here. My bad!

It may be a deal for one if you are going to purchase memory maker (free with AP) and not buying the dining plan since an AP holder can purchase a Tables in Wonderland card for $150 that will get you 20% off most table service restaurants including alcohol .

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