Annual Pass question re: activation date

Can someone walk me through AP dates when bridging tickets to an AP?

We are looking to travel possibly 12/6-12/13 this year. If I brushed my tickets on our last day, does our AP start on 12/6 or 12/13?

When would the AP expire? We would likely do another December trip in 2019, so I want to make sure the dates would like up (since Thanksgiving is very late next year).

Thanks for your help!

I would call a cast member and ask. They are very easy to talk to and then you can know for sure. Here’s the number (407) WDW-PASS.

You received the answer on the other thread- right? Knowing it is day one, if you do upgrade it would be best to do that on day one for the discounts.

Yes I did. Our second trip is going to be just a few days too late I think :confused: