Annual Pass Pickup

I know things have changed at WDW quite a bit due to COVID, so I wanted to check on this with our group of experts here.

I renewed our APs a few months ago, but we haven’t been back to WDW yet. We are going to be there next week. :grinning:

Since the AP cards we have are expired, I will need to pick up new ones. If I remember correctly, I can do this at guest relations at Disney Springs or at a ticket booth at any of the parks. Is this right?

We’re having dinner at the Contemporary on the day we arrive, so I thought maybe we could stop by MK to get our new cards, but we probably won’t be able to be there until after 8:00 pm. Would the ticket booths still be open at that time?

The nearest ticket booth to CR is at TTC. I don’t know when it closes. I think GS at MK would be closer but usually has an awful line

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We finally activated ours at MK customer service. No big line at all and we got the 50th anniversary cards. As we bought the AP’s three years ago customer service include some perks (like Photo Pass) for free. We intend to use them as much as possible in the next 365 days. WDW here we come again!


That’s good to hear. Is MK customer service outside of the park? We don’t have reservations for MK on that day, so we wouldn’t be able to go inside.

Yes it is. Go through security which is via a scanner straight over to ticketing. There is a AP window there where you can buy or Activate AP’s No park entry needed.


Yes, you can go to guest relations outside of MK. We did this at the end of September as my friend did not arrive until that evening. TTC booths were already closed.