Annual pass pick up

Hi Everyone- 60 days to go! I will be buying myself an annual pass- what is the easiest way to pick this up? do i have to do it at the parks ( and does it take long) or can I do this at Cabana Bay? My family will all have passes purchased through Undercover Tourist - I believe this can be scanned right at park entry right? Trying to start getting a plan in order and dont want to make this harder than it has to be.Also, do we get paper tickets? Our group may split so I dont want to only have etickets on my phone and not sure if screenshots work?

Have you already purchased the pass? If you have, and you have paid for the pass in full, you can pick it up from the hotel desk. If you have selected the payment plan, you will need to pick it up from near the park.

Are these passes or tickets? If you have tickets, you should be good to go. For passes, you may need to get the physical passes.

If you are getting e tickets, you will not get a paper ticket automatically, but I have been Able to go to guest services and exchange an e ticket for a paper one.

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Thank you @OrlandoGirl357 . I haven’t purchased anything yet but my plan is to pay in full ahead of time for my annual pass so good to know that I can get it at the hotel . The rest of the family will just have tickets.
1 more question 1 forgot to ask- we have 1 night at HRH for express pass purposes. When I go the morning of check in to get our room keys , does everyone need to be with me or I can get these for the whole family?

You will be able to check in for the whole family.

I’ll be doing that for my family. I called, and they should I should be able to check in for everyone in the two rooms on my reservation.


I have gotten an e-ticket exchanged for a paper ticket at the hotel Vacation Planning desk. (Less than a month ago for my wife. I have an AP)

You can’t have both. When they print the paper ticket then the e-ticket will no longer work.


I thought we all had to be at check in to get express passes?? This is good information if I can check in for all 4 of us.

You should be able to.

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I ended up calling HRH to confirm and they advised that I could could check in and get room keys/EP for everyone.