Annual Pass Pick-up/HRH Check-in Snafu - Would greatly appreciate ideas!

Hey everyone, I bought an annual pass online and booked room at HRH at the APH rate. I had read on a blog that I would be able to pick up my pass in the lobby at the will-call kiosk (which I should have verified directly with Universal - totally on me); but after reviewing my annual pass receipt and becoming alarmed by some of the fine print, I called Universal and lo and behold, you can ONLY pick up your pass at a park ticketing counter (after showing ID and credit used for payment, so messenger service prob not an option). Our flight lands at 10:15pm so that is not an option, and Universal won’t ship passes. No one I’ve talked to at Universal has any suggestions for me, and I’ve always heard that you MUST show your annual pass upon check-in to have the APH rate honored. I’m kind if in disbelief that I could be out an extra $540 for my room stay because my flight gets in 2 hours too late. I am awaiting a call back from management at HRH and will probably be begging in an undignified way to show my receipt for my annual pass but hoping someone might have another idea in case that doesn’t work out… Eeks. Feeling ill.

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I’d be surprised if you couldn’t get your AP at HRH. When I had ticket vouchers they said on them that they could only be exchanged at the park, but at check in they asked if we needed tickets, looked at my vouchers and we were able to get our tickets in the lobby. And you’ll have proof that you’ve bought it.


Thanks @missoverexcited; I hope you are right. I would be surprised too; when I called HRH I really thought the first person at reservations that I spoke to would say not to worry and that this happens often but she had me leave a message for a manager instead. Reg park tickets can be printed at the kiosk from what I understand, but not annual passes so that may be the difference - but you have given me some hope!


We picked our annual passes up at the ticket desk at Royal Pacific when we checked in. I just showed the voucher from the online sale and my ID. Plus, They don’t always ask for your APs (sometimes they do, sometimes not) when you check in although it’s good to have them available. So, we did the AP thing first before walking over to the check-in desk.


If there’s a room discount during our visit I’ll be getting an AP too and need to pick it up at HRH so I hope I’m right too :joy:


Did you buy your annual pass on the payment plan?


Are they saying why you have to activate it in the parks?

Only passes bought on the payment plan have to be picked up at the parks, any others can be done at the hotels. Last time I had bought it on the payment plan, so first tried to trade the email for it there, they sent me to the park entrance. But at this point we had already checked in to Portofino, they barely looked at the voucher and we paid the AP rate. I would not stress! They will exchange it there, just show the email to them when you check in.


The ticket desk at HRH will be closed when we get there (closes at 8:00). I left a message with them earlier today too but they haven’t called me back yet.

They just said that I physically have to obtain the pass at a park ticket counter. :woman_facepalming:

I have stayed at Portofino 2x on an APH rate. Both times, we did not need the AP during check-in to get the rate (this was per the PB check-in people; we actually had the pass the first time).

In September 2018, I did have to pick up my pass at a park ticket counter even though it was paid in full when I purchased it ahead of time (as did the 2 other people in my group who also purchased them).

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Thanks, everyone. I just got a call back from a manager at the HRH ticket counter. He was unsure and transferred me back to reservations (a manager from reservations was supposed to call me but never did). The customer service rep from reservations said she thinks if I show my confirmation email that should be sufficient. I guess I’m just kind of surprised that this isn’t something they see all the time, especially since Universal will not ship passes. No one at HRH has given me a definite “this will not be a problem” but your experiences have been reassuring so I guess I just show up with my confirmation email and hope for the best. :crossed_fingers: