Annual Pass length

Does anyone know if Universal ever offers annual passes that are good for more than 12 months? Are there ever any specials for 15 months? Thanks!

They did this year, but you had to buy by March 31st. If you have time to wait around and see if they do it again, might be worth a shot. I suspect it was a Covid-related promotion though.

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Okay, that’s what I was remembering then. We aren’t going until August, so I might wait it out a little and see. I’m doubting it will be offered again, but who knows, right? :slight_smile: But, I also don’t want to wait too long and get caught in an unexpected price increase. The plan is to purchase annual passes to use this August and then use again in August of 2023. Passes can be bought in advance and then activated upon arrival?

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I bought 15 month passes for my family in July 2020. We have not had the chance to activate them yet, but they show up in my account as 15 month passes.


The 15 month offer is usually available after the start of the year. Hold off and see what’s offered.


Thanks! I plan to do just that and see!

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