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I know, there’s been a slew of these lately, and I really am sorry if this question is a bit redundant, the last thread that addressed this that wasn’t “upgrade-focused” was 3 years ago and I’m not sure if the rules have changed since then, so hoping for updated (or confirming) information. And Disney’s site leaves a lot to be desired in the explanation of it all.

Anyway, I’ve crunched some hypothetical numbers and I am thinking an annual pass could be a smart move on my part for my trip next year. Right now, I’m only looking to get 1 Annual Pass as any more than that I think would be wasted. (at least I think so). However, a few things need to be worked out before I can fully commit.

I read @JJT’s awesome threads and it seems to indicate that if you plan to upgrade tickets to AP, you have to physically get to a park, activate your tickets, and then go stand in a line at a customer relations booth to upgrade to AP. Additionally, any room discount that could be offered to you by being an AP holder will not be available because your pass would not have been active until that first day at the park physically (and you would have already paid in full for the hotel). Am I correct in this?

If so, I’m not looking to upgrade tickets and instead buy outright and early as I’m hoping to take advantage of room discounts that maybe offered as we get closer to the trip. Now is THAT possible without being physically at the parks first? Or do you have to actually visit the parks and activate the pass before that benefit can kick in (so in a sense, you get a room discount on your 2nd trip)?

Additionally, when it comes to FPP, what happens if one is renting DVC points and buys the AP early? Are you restricted to not be able to choose your FPPs until, again, you are physically in the park for that first day?

I have bought AP vouchers a few times. I like the green vouchers. I link them to my MDE account. Once linked I can log onto MDE and see and book AP room discounts. I have also used the AP discount in the Shop app. The card is not activated until you activate at the park.


Sorry, “green vouchers?” what’s that?

And when you say the “card” is not activated, is that arbitrary now with the magic bands or does that control my ability to get FPPs?


Activated means that the start date of your AP is the date you first use it at a park. It runs 12 months from then.

I believe you can use it for booking a resort, booking fastpasses, getting a discount (e.g. a tour) once you have it linked on MDE. You then get the actual card when you get to a park or DS. You’ll then be asked to show the actual card when you check in for any event you booked with the discount. Resorts realise many guests checking in won’t have it yet, and you can show it once you have the card.

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When you order an AP you have a choice of “Will Call” (I think) or them mailing you a green voucher card. This is not your AP, but it is what you bring to guest services to activate your AP. When you activate at Guest Services they give you an AP discount card. As @Nickysyme said, you can make FPs (30 day window without resort reservation) when you link the purchased AP. Your year starts the day you go to Guest Services and activate- regardless of how many days ago you bought it.

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Spiffy! Thank you both!

So I bought the pass this morning (wahhhooo!) and I now I have a new question. One of the benefits I know is that AP holders get a discount on the parties…for funsies I decided to see what the discount looked like relation to the Mickey Christmas Party. However, when i selected the option, only 1 day was shown as able to be discounted for AP Holders?

Is the likely to be the same for the Halloween Party as well? Where there’ll only be 1 day where the discount can be used? I tried to find the answer on the Disney site, but… shock of shocks, it’s hard to find and I came away empty. :wink:

I think that could be more to do with availability than restricting the party nights. They may have a limit, or could be sold out. We’re the other party nights available to book without a discount?

Sorry, I meant to mention that. Yeah, there was a ton of party nights available, but only 1 night when I clicked on the AP version.

Just had a look on the site. It does say the discount is for up to 4 tickets, for select nights, limited availability and only to advance sales prices for both parties.

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Interesting, I guess only 1 or 2 days for AP discounts. That’s kinda dumb. Still, thank you!

Definitely only select nights. They do the same thing with the Africa Trek at AK, the discount can only be applied to select times