Annual pass help!

Need forum input. Taking my family in March but planning a trip with extended family in December. Does it makes sense for one of us to get an annual pass? How does that impact my current upcoming trip and what kind of discounts will I get? Any info appreciated!

Do you park hop? If you do most likely it will save you money if each of your family members get annual passes. Also- get them now! Buy the voucher and you can activate it on your trip. Prices will go up and it is best to lock in the price.

If i buy now and activate on trip, what is my start date? Day of activation?

Yes, day of activation. You will need to go to guest services before you enter the park and get your annual pass discount card but you will get those discounts plus free memory maker. I like to get them to mail me the green voucher card but others just select the “will call” option. Either way, you link the AP to people in your profile and then you can make fast passes and see room discounts and other offers online.