Annual Pass FP Question

I’m considering buying Platinum AP’s.
Disney’s policy states: Annual Passholders may secure up to 3 experiences per day up to 30 days in advance. Your pass allows you to plan 7 days of FastPass+ selections within any 30-day period for one park per day.
I saw that if I’m staying onsite, then the 60 day advance reservation applies.
However, if I’m staying offsite, and plan on going to the parks for 9 days, I can only book 7 of those days in advance.

  • What about the other 2 days; can I still get SDFP’s once I scan into the park?
  • If I get SDFP’s, say on the 4th & 6th days of my trip, does making those SDFP’s put my last 2 days of advance FP’s at risk?

I’d love to hear from AP holders who have experience with this, and any advice they can offer.
Thanks much!

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It is true that if you are staying off site then you can only book 7 days of FPPs in advance. Once you use all your FPPs on your first park day, you can book FPPs for another day. And no getting additional FPPs on day 4 or 6 of your trip won’t put days 8 and 9 at jeopardy (because the total number of days at a given time won’t be greater than 7–does that make sense?).

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Thanks for the reply!
So if I follow you, I could actually book advanced FP’s for days 1 thru 7, then once I use up day 1 FP’s, I could book advanced FP’s for day 8, and then after day 2, I could book advanced FP’s for day 9. Correct?

And regarding SDFP’s…

Yes it does!

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Yes, that’s correct.

Just to point out that there could be a valid reason for booking days 1-4, 6, 7 & 9, depending what parks you were doing each day.

Those 7 days that you book first don’t need to be consecutive.


Thanks for the additional clarification!

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Good point.