Annual pass for hotel reservations & a discount question


I have been living abroad and plan on visiting both Disneyland and WDW on an extended trip back to the States. I am considering the Premier Pass for this. However, it seems I can’t purchase this pass till I am at one of the parks in person. So, I have a few questions about the timing of this:

  1. If I want to stay at Disney hotels and I want to know what AP offers are available at both Disneyland and WDW, how can I learn this ahead of time? (I would obviously need to book a hotel before the day I arrive for vacation.) Accessing AP offers info via Disney’s site requires I have an AP on my Disney online account.

  2. If I did succeed in finding AP hotel offers, could I book now WITHOUT AN AP but be guaranteed the deal when I check in with a brand-spanking-new AP at check-in?

  3. Finally, I have a Disney debit card. Can I combine the Disney debit discount with the AP discount on merchandise?

Thank you very much for any advise you can offer!


  1. talk to a travel agent. they can both advise and book the AP rates for you in advance.

  2. Yes. See #1 above.

  3. Unlikely; you would simply get the larger of the two discounts. Though it never hutrs to ask.

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They never allow you to double up on discounts.

And I agree with @MouseGirl42, talk to a travel agent or phone the reservation line to get the details of the discounts. You do not have to have an activated AP to get the discount, you just need it at check-in. But you may not be able to book it online, I’m not sure about that.

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Will you visit WDW before visiting DL? If so here is what I would do. Buy WDW pass online. This will allow you to see and book AP rates for the hotel. This also allows you to book your FPP at 60 days out. Once at WDW, upgrade the AP to the Premier. This also allows you to space out the payment for the Premier, which is about $1650 total with tax right now. This is the only way to guarantee you can book an AP rate for the hotel and also can book FPP at WDW at 60 days out. If you are going to DL first, will need a different strategy.

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Thanks, everyone, for your advice.

@Wahoohokie I’m headed to WDW first - that’s a briliant suggestion!

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