Annual Pass FastPass Restrictions

Hi everyone,

I’m a new annual pass holder. I have a 7 day onsite trip coming up in February. I booked fast passes for this trip 60 days out. However, I’m now thinking of an off-site weekend trip between now and February. However, MDE won’t let me book any fast passes within the next 30 days since I already have 7 days of fastpasses booked in February. Is this correct that I can’t book any more between now and February? I was under the impression that since my February trip had an on-site reservation, they wouldn’t count against my 7 days of fast pass limit.

Any advice is appreciated!

There was an update to MDE that has put that in place and CMs have been saying that, but the rules do not seem to say that:

I would call and ask to talk to a supervisor. I would ask why your AP does not allow you to book FPs the same and a ticket holding guest. You have a valid ticket for your on- site stay and you are entitled to 60 day FPs. They could argue you are limited to 14 days but they should not block you from those additional days.

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With an annual pass, you only get 7 FPP in a 30 day window. If you stay on property, it will let you book more than 7. The FPP that you have booked in February still count though. Since you have 7 booked for February, you will not be able to book any more before that trip. If you were to stay on property, I think it would let you book addition FPP.

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@henryprine is doing an offsite weekend.

Therefore @radiohead8989is correct, the onsite FPs count towards the total number permitted.

If the second weekend was onsite, then I would agree they should be able to book FPs for both stays.

There is no change in this case.