Annual Pass dining discount only covers 4?

I just read in the fine print that the AP dining discount only covers the passholder and up to 3 guests. We are a family of 7 (one is a baby). Do you think we will only get our meal at Crystal Palace discounted for 4, and not for 6?

10% on the remaining 2 kids only amounts to $4, so no big deal, but I’d like to know ahead of time if we will only get 10% off the 4 of us throughout the trip. Do they stick to that fine print?

Any one else in your party have an AP? I would think your party would be covered by two APs. I’m not a pass holder, so I don’t know. I’m sure some one else would know more about that.

No, I was only planning on getting one AP for our family.

Would you also consider getting a Tables in Wonderland card? For $150 (since you’ll have an AP), you’ll get up to a 20% discount at many restaurants, and it covers up to 10 people, including you.

We bought TiW and it paid off after a 3 day trip with 5 people.

Thanks for posting this. Was planning same for party of 6

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I was at Garden Grill in June and they stuck to the fine print. Party of 8 and they only allowed the discount on 4, unfortunately we only had a single AP among the 8 of us.

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Thank you for the confirmation. Good to know ahead of time.

Was there last week. Only one restaurant we visited stuck to the AP covers 4 rule. We visited several while we were there.

Just to clarify, if you have 2 annual passes and a group of 8, are you all covered?

Yes, you are. :slight_smile:

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