Annual Pass - deal or no deal?

We are a family of 4 planning for a late August 2018 9 day trip to WDW. We have not purchased our ticket/resort package yet. We plan to stay at WL. Not park hopping. We do plan to have lunch reservations almost every day (not purchasing a dining package) at places like Sanaa, Brown Derby, BOG, Akershus, etc.
Would buy MM. Will spend $ on merchandise.
Does the math make sense for me to purchase an AP? I tend to think yes but need help from some pros! This will be our second trip ever. TIA for your thoughts :wink:

We’ve never purchased annual passes but we have a member who put together a lovely post and spreadsheet that may help you and your family out in making the decision. Good luck!

Thank you!

I wouldn’t call myself a pro…but we just purchased AP for our family of 6 and I’m absolutely loving having them! I will say that we are dvc members so we took advantage of the pretty great deal on platinum passes that’s out right now. For us, it did make good financial sense. I really jus think love being able to go to any park on any day and not have to worry about running out of days too. For example, on arrival day, we generally wouldn’t waste a park ticket, but now we can hit the parks, even for just a few hours and not feel like we wasted a park day. Saving 20% on meals is great too! For our family, that was a huge savings on our last trip. Plus memory maker being included in really nice too.
I’m a fan :blush:

I am about to renew my AP this month. It may be close for a 9 day trip just looking at the numbers for the cost of the tickets but for us that is only part of the equation. We have saved a ton of $ on our rooms, meals and of course merchandise. I too like having the ability of spending most of a day at MK then going to World Showcase at EPCOT for dinner. Who knows maybe you will be able to work in another trip during the year, Christmas time is my favorite. So far I have worked in 5 trips on my AP, for us “deal”