Annual Pass conversion chances?

Hi All!

I’m travelling to WDW in August for 6 park days with friends from away, who have purchased regular park admission. Staying offsite.

I normally have an AP, but it lapsed in 2020.

Because I cannot make (more than 3 days) park reservations with the rest of my party using an AP, I’ve opted to purchase regular park admission instead of an AP, just so that I can pick park reservations with the rest of my group.

For the record, spoke to Disney about 2 months ago and they verified that I COULD renew my AP, but I’d have to do so at the parks. (I’m not doing this before our trip because I then couldn’t book park reservations with my friends.)

What do you think the chances are that I could put my regular park admission—purchased direct from Disney—toward a new AP or AP renewal during my trip?

You should be able to apply the ticket to an AP BUT you should also be able to renew your AP virtually too. Lots of ppl bought them and are waiting to activate them. I’d call back.


I agree this should be possible based on other reports, however I think it’s better for you to not renew till close to the end of your visit so you can keep all your park reservations. That being the case, might as well upgrade onsite.


oh that’s a good point you don’t want to loose park reservations etc.


Right. I can’t get an AP now, because then I won’t be able to make more than 3 days of park reservations.

My concern is that because the renewal process is so janky right now that they won’t be able to tell me if I can renew, even if I’m onsite at a ticket window (or guest services).

I’ll find out.

Thanks for chiming in, @Jeff_AZ and @ppehap!

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If you are staying onsite you can make your 3 plus all the days of your reservation. I know I’ve got 6 pk res held right now… 3 days at OKW and 3 AP days.

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Yeah, I wish! Offsite this time.

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next time :wink:

Hi! I did the conversion for my trip in May and after a looooong call an much back and forth was given a number code. I was told I had to bring the code in person to guest services in Disney springs prior to entering any parks. That’s what I did and they were able to apply my ticket to the cost of my new AP.


Yes, you should be able to do that.

CMs have been advising people to buy tickets and apply the cost towards a new AP when they come back.

I think they’ll allow you to do it earlier without losing your park reservations. Normally you could do it at any time before leaving the park on your last day, but probably best to ask at GS before you go in just in case.


Thanks for this.

Unfortunately, I can’t use my AP while at WDW, because then I wouldn’t be able to reserve more than 3 park days.

I suppose I could flip it to an AP on my last 3 days and save $60-90 on parking …


If you’re staying onsite you can still reserve park days for the length of your stay. If you’re offsite then you would have an issue with park reservations :confused:


yes, and if you are an AP holder and staying off site you can only reserve 3 days??? I think that’s right.


Yes. Three days at one time with an annual pass. A̶s̶ ̶s̶o̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶ The day after you enter a park on the first of those three days, you can then attempt to get park reservations for a fourth day. Repeat each day.

However, I am traveling with people who have already blocked out reservations for the week… And I can’t not be with them due to this limitation. So… I bought regular tickets.

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I’ve seen people mention they couldn’t do that right away after entering. They had to wait until much later in the day, perhaps after the park had closed.


oh… I couldn’t make a 4th day until after midnight on a day I had entered the park…

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Corrected my statement. Thank you.

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Pretty sure it’s when the last park has closed on your first day that you can get the next reservation.
Not the next day, not midnight. So if on day 1 you went to DHS but MK is last to close, then once MK is closed you can get day 4.

I think I recall it being when the last park closed too. I’ll be playing this game in September. The fun part, 2 days are hard blocked for MK 50th & Epcot on the 2nd (I mean, I could change that but, we’ll see) I arrive on the 26th though, so I’ll have a play it by ear that week based on what reservation I can get each day :joy: But we are flexible, just as long as “something” is available.

I will try to make another park res today at 8pm when HS closes. I’m supposed to be there now but didn’t go b/c of weather (HATE driving in FL rain storms). But I think that it will be denied since park hopping has the last park closing at 11pm at MK, so technically my park reservation is good until then.