Annual Pass and Photo Pass

We upgraded our recent trip to an Annual Pass, and now all the pictures we took on our December Trip are there as well. Is there a way to filter these down to a certain date range? Or just to download a certain date range?

Unfortunately no. You can “download all” or download images one at a time. Nothing in between.

We run into the similar problem. We go multiple times per year, and often have other family/friends travel with us, so we have lots of photos available and when we download, all trips are mixed together :frowning:

When I end up doing is download all, unzip. In Windows Explorer, I change to details view, and add the “date taken” field… sort on date taken, select date range/copy/paste to new folder…

Yeah that’s a real PITA. Will plan on doing that (one at a time) on the next rainy day we have. Then toward the end of my “year” may download all.

Although if you renew, does it continue to keep all???

I found this last night when i was hunting for a way to filter all those pictures, without downloading everything again. They expire 365 from day take with an AP.

*Disney PhotoPass® benefit for Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus Annual Pass and Premier Annual Passport includes Disney PhotoPass® photos and other digital content linked to the guest’s Disney account and captured while the annual pass is valid for admission to a Disney Parks theme park. A MagicBand is required to receive certain attraction photos and other digital content. Photos and other digital content linked to a Disney account with a Disney PhotoPass® benefit for qualifying Annual Passholders will expire 365 days from the date of capture. This Disney PhotoPass® benefit is subject to terms and conditions and also to the MyMagic+ terms and conditions. Not responsible for missing, lost or damaged photos. Online registration required. Downloads are restricted to personal use by Passholder only. Subject to change without notice.

I noticed my January 2016 photos came back when I activated my AP in January 2017. The Jan-16 photos eventually went away (don’t know exactly when) but you might find the same thing happen to your December trip photos (if you don’t want them).

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While they state 365 days on the web site… if you look at pictures its actually a little bit longer than 1 year… its more like 13 months.

For example, pictures taken Dec 5, 2018 say they expire Jan 4, 2020.