Annual Pass and Leap year 2020

I am trying to plan the date I convert my tickets in June 2019 to push the expiration date in 2020 as far out as possible. If I want my AP to be good thru Sunday, 6/28/2020, normally I would have to activate my ticket on 6/28/2019, right? But 2020 is a leap year, so would I have to wait and activate my ticket on 6/29/2019 rather than 6/28/2019? (Does Disney stick to 366 days on the AP even in a leap year? Or do they give the extra day?)

It seems as if they are paying attention to leap year. My TiW expires Feb. 29, 2020.

Thanks! Was your purchase (or renewal) date March 1?

Tables in Wonderland is active through the end of the next month plus a year. I bought January 2019 and it is good through Feb. 29,2019 so itbseems like leap year is already loaded.

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I think the real plan should be to activate an AP on Feb 29, 2020 and demand that your AP be valid until the next February 29th.


Thank you! Here is what I am trying to figure out. If I activate my ticket on June 27, 2019, will my AP expire on June 27, 2020, or June 26, 2020 (which technically would be 366 days because of leap year). I asked a CM earlier today and he wasn’t too sure. If it is June 26, we might not go to a park on the evening that we arrive from Universal, but have dinner at a resort and wait until the next morning to activate our tickets. This would extend the AP expiration to include the last Saturday in June 2020. If anyone reading this has activated an annual pass in 2019 on or after March 1, 2019, they could tell me if their AP expiration date matches their activation date, or if it is a day sooner because of leap year.

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