Annual Pass - after trip?

I know I’ve seen this topic somewhere on here, but I can’t find it now.

We just went to WDW Jan 12-17. We originally had a trip planned in February 2021, but it now looks like it might be Jan 2021. Can we use the tickets from this lastr trip toward the cost of the AP now or are we out of luck because we didn’t purchase the AP during the last trip?

Sorry, you’re too late, you would have had to purchase the AP by January 17th, the last day of your tickets.

Insert Sad Trombone Music here.


That’s what I thought. Oh well. Not a big deal. Just thought I’d save some money if I could :slight_smile:

Based on my experience you did save some money…those AP’s really burn a hole in your pocket!! Went from one trip every 4 years to five trips planned in one year!


LOL. I could see that happening to me. We got back on the January 17th and I’m already planning the next trip and we don’t have the AP. If I had an AP I’d make excuses to go every few months.

Last year, we went for five days in January right after New Years Day.

On the last day of trip, we were sitting eating a snack at HS (trying to use up the last of Meal Plan), I was looking at MDE and it was offering to upgrade to an AP, so tempted.

Probably should have done, two months later in March, we booked a trip for September.

Then in June, we made the last minute decision that part of a week long stay-cation will end with 4 days at WDW (nice to live in Atlanta where WDW is an easy 7-8 hr drive).

Ended up getting AP, (few days before the big price increase), went in June for four days ,then August for the SWGE AP preview and a week in September.

Now we’re going for four days for Spring Break and a week in June before the AP expires.

I don’t know how much more savings I can afford!