Annual dues glitch?

Yesterday, received the email about annual dues, but the site was too busy. So I went to pay them this morning.

It showed my balance, and I entered the payment info. Hit submit, but nothing seemed to happen. The I went back and looked at my balance, but it still shows it is due. So I tried again. Hit submit. Nothing. Despite the fact that it says not to submit again, I hit submit again. This time it did something, taking me to a page that warns me that I am making a over payment and if I want to proceed. I cancel, then go look back at my dues, and it still shows it isn’t paid. I am confused.

Anyone else having similar problems?

Haven’t even looked yet but will have DH take a look and let you know what he sees. Not sure we can help yet though because we won’t pay them until they are due.

We automatically monthly pay, so I can’t offer any help or advice. I hope you didn’t pay them 3 times. MS will be able to fix you right up though. Whenever you can actually talk to them. Try calling at a weird time, like 10:37 on a Wed. You never can tell.

Me, too! It is just weird. How hard is it to have a payment system that works? But then I have to remember…Disney IT.

It is no wonder call volumes are so high. Nothing online works!

FIFY. I can’t help but wonder where we would be today if they invested a billion dollars on IT instead of magic bands.

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I am reading online that people that have called are being told they are unable to process payments now.

Okay. Good to know it isn’t just me.

What is going on with the DVC site?

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I was put in a waiting room just to log in yesterday. First time that ever happened.


Me too.

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This worries me for 8am booking.


I wonder if it was just bc dues statements were released Friday.

Dues statements are released every year.

It seems like they have done something? I was thinking today that they really haven’t said much about the new digital cards. I am scared…


Yeah the general lack of communication with news seems to be the new Disney model. It’s like at work when you get in trouble for not following policy that you didn’t know existed but when you read it says every employee of responsible for knowing about and adhering to the policy. Yeah that ish drives me nuts.


I had the same issues and it appears to be resolved as of 12/22.

Yeah, I was also finally able to pay my dues yesterday.