Annoying question about DME

If I arrive on an international flight at MCO at 2.30pm, what time could I expect to get to AKL if I took the DME?

Is it realistic to be checked-in and at MK by 6.30pm.

#asking for a friend

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You may get there by 4 pm. When I was leaving Dublin, we had our passports for us to US and then we just had to take our luggage to our cars.

I have only once had a long wait for DME. This March we deplaned and headed for the MCO shuttle to the main terminal building. Once there we went down to 1st floor and then just followed the signs for DME. We were on board in 15 minutes and left for our resort at PoR which took about 45 minutes as the drive is a ways and there is much road construction along the way. We still were at our resort room within 2 hours of deplaning. As we were quite jet lagged, we ate at the resort TS restaurant and then basically called it a night. Luggage took about 2 hours to get to the room from MCO via Disney pick-up. Now of coarse this can all change depending on just how busy DME is but I would say 1830 at MK is a reasonable bet.

I think you should be fine with that Matt.

Allowing a couple of hours for immigration and customs is about right. And then you still have a couple of hours to get DME and arrive at AKL.

It’s the first part that can take a while.

I think that little plan is doomed.

I had the idea to spend my first night at AKL. There was some logic to this. But when I started looking at the detail I don’t think it’s going to work.

I’m slightly alarmed by how I appear to be taking for granted the fact that I’m coming again next year. I do keep saying to myself, “Don’t worry. You can do that next year.”




Ha! Now you get it…there’s always a next time :wink: