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We are going to WDW for 8 days at the beginning of June. I have seen several posts about the A&E meet and greet closing down and moving to Epcot at the end of May and that FP’s aren’t available right now. I am supposed to order my FP’s on Monday. Has anyone heard when FP’s may be available? I’m assuming they would be a Tier 1 which really complicates my touring plan for EPCOT. Any ideas or strategies for this? Thank you!

I don’t think anyone knows how it will work yet at Epcot. I also never heard that the M&G will move from MK to EP. They could potentially (and should, IMO) be at both parks simultaneously.

But anyway, the Frozen Ever After ride and A&E M&G, will likely get FP+ but they will be the only attractions in WS to get them. And since WS opens later than FW, all bets are off as to how they will structure the FP+ tiers.

Disney is very good at keeping stuff like this quiet until they are ready for it to come out.

So, my suggestion is you reserve whatever you can now and readjust if/as needed after things are made public.

Good luck!


I agree with @RotR on all points. There are a lot of rumors, and even some circumstantial “evidence”, that the two new Norway attractions may open on May 28th and that A&E will move from MK to EP. There is also a rumor that Norway will open right at park opening to help with the inevitable crows that the two new attractions will draw (they did this the last time A&E met in EP). But they are just that - rumors. Also, even if the M&G and or ride DO open in late May, FPPs may not be offered for several weeks after the opening.

Will you be able to book an A&E meet in MK? Or has it gone from the system? If it’s there, book it, you never know maybe they would transfer it to EP for you.

I have heard that you are no longer able to get a FP for A&E in the MK for June, so what you had heard makes sense.

I don’t understand why they can’t have them in both parks. Maybe there’s an insiders theme Park competition on whose ride has the longest queue.

Because that would make too much sense! :smile:

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It will free up the other side of PFH for two other princesses. It will also draw more people to EP b

They certainly named the hall correctly. Nice and generic so they can put any princesses in there they want.

Speaking of which, why is there no “Prince Hall”. Disney must be sexist! :wink: