Anna and Elsa--where are they?!

Aarrghh. Are Anna and Elsa still at Akershaus or not? I have 2019 Disney guides that suggest they are, but then i also read that they’re now in MK. We were planning to have an early Akershaus breakfast with the other princesses, then meet with Anna and Elsa, then head for FEA. Can someone provide a definitive answer as to where these two can be found? Thanks much.

They have a meet and greet at the Norway pavilion. Not at the actual Akershus restaurant, but near by.

The only MK place to “see” them is the parade. They may make an appear at a stage show too - Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire.

They used to be in MK but they moved to Norway in Epcot a couple years ago. If you go to Akershus for an early breakfast (like 8AM) before park opening, you can potentially get out early enough to beat the crowds to Frozen Ever After or the meet&greet with Anna and Elsa next door. I think it is usually best to go the the ride first and then the M&G after to minimize waiting, but someone else may correct me on that.

When I first started my Disney research, I ran into some sites that still had Anna and Elsa at MK instead of EPCOT. Turns out not everyone updates their old blog posts. Took a little time to figure out what was old vs new info.