Anna and Elsa waiting in line question

I have a question re: proper protocol. I have 6 year old twins who will be going to DW for the first time in April and who (as is the same for every young girl) meeting Anna and Elsa tops the list. We are staying on resort and are hoping to get a fastpass for A and E, but I hear they go fast. If we can’t get one what are people’s thoughts on having two adults (we are travelling with my parents so there are 4 adults, 2 kids) stand in line to wait for A and E and then have the kids get in line closer to the end of the line. I would normally not do something like this, but I hear the lines can get crazy long and it’s a direct switch - 2 adults standing in line and the 2 kids would do the meet…it’s not like 2 people are standing in line and then 4 people who also want to meet the princesses then join them in line - the only ones who would be meeting the princesses would be the two girls. What are your thoughts on this? There’s going to be a lot of line standing on this trip and if I can minimize it in a courteous manner that would be great, but I also don’t want to make people mad and/or do something that’s improper. Thanks.

Do your fast passes at the 60 mark and you’ll have a good chance of snagging one.

But…if that fails…
Even with the best of intentions, which you clearly have, this will be tough. The queue at the meet & greet is basically single file (or enough room for your party to stand and shuffle along slowly) and fairly long. I’m not sure that it would be feasible for the girls to meet up with the adults who waited in line. They’d have to pass tons of people and it will be uncomfortable at best.
Take a look at how long the lines are on average these days. If it’s an hour or so, I think you’ll have to just decide if it’s worth it. If the girls are excited to meet them, it’ll be ok.

Have some snacks and drinks on hand and just stay upbeat. It’ll make the wait more bearable.

But, I think you’ll get the fast passes!

At our 60 day mark I was able to grab a fastpass for Anna & Elsa for our last day at the park! I recommend trying to get that fastpass towards the end of your trip. If not, make sure you see the Festival of Fantasy Parade in MK and/ or the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration in HS.

I was able to get pretty great options for our FP for A&E when I did our right at the 60 day mark at midnight ET. You should be ok getting them, just be flexible on the time!

Definitely plan to get a fastpass. I know that’s not always possible, but if you log in at midnight on your 60 day mark you should be fine. Another way to minimize if no FP available would be to go straight there in the morning so that it’s the first thing you do. Do you have a Magic Kingdom pre rope drop breakfast planned?
Another time I found the lines to be short were during evening Magic Hours, but it was very late (around midnight) so most small children have gone to bed. I don’t advocate keeping kiddos up late unless that was something you were planning to do anyways.

Thanks everyone. Going to try for the FP and if all else fails we have an 8:10 CRT reservation on our second day at MK and so we will go get in line for A and E right then. Still hoping that the A and E meet and greet and ride at Epcot opens a few weeks early and we luck into getting to meet them there on our first day!

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