Anna and Elsa Return Time Tickets

I read a short article of how MK is now "testing" return time tickets for the Anna and Elsa meet and greet. I would be a little upset if I booked a fastpass for that and find out that I can walk up and get a return time ticket. It is essentially a paper fast pass from my understanding.

Keep in mind that they are only giving a limited number of return tickets and once they are gone they are gone so those arriving later in the day are going to be out of luck, even if they wanted to wait in line for 3 or 4 hours. But from what I hear it didn't actually start today like they were reporting.

yes you always have people that arrive later in the day who would need a fp. However for the people (like me) that arrive at opening I would get one of these if possible and use the fp for something else.

This is also an option for the people who can't get a fp because they aren't planning at 60 days.

Kenny the Pirate just posted an article about it all.

I'm conflicted about this. On one hand, would eliminate need to waste a FPP pick on the sisters. On the other, you have NO control over what return time you are granted which could make it useless. Also read it is supposedly going to be "about" half an hour and FPP still has priority. Interested to see it tested out.

FPP would still be quicker than waiting 30 minutes though, right? And I still like that with a FPP I can pick the time for the M&G. I think it is a great solution for those poor people waiting in line for 3+ hours.

Anyone know what the status is for the paper fp tests for A&E at MK? Is is ongoing? Will it be implemented? Is it over?

Also, not that this is definitive evidence or anything, but as a
"look-see" approach, I tried to change my FPPs for Sept 28 and Maelstrom
does not show up as an option. Surely Maelstrom can't be
completely out of FPPs at this early date? Sept 28 a crowd level 2 day
at Epcot. Which lends at least a modicum of credence to the
"Maelstrom-to-Frozen-Ride" aspect of the story. I then tried to get a
Maelstrom FPP for today & they are still available (it's noon as I write this) for this evening.

Hmmmmm.... not happy about this...

Maelstrom wasn't showing as an option for 9/28 when I checked it at midnight yesterday. Disney must be planning on renovating it. I'm rather sad since I was hoping on riding it one more time before it became "the Frozen ride".

Hmmm... since it does show up for Sept 24... (don't know about 25-27...), I may have to consider changing some plans; it's one of my daughter's favorites. sigh.

Does anyone know if they are going to continue with the return time tickets for Anna/Elsa for the fall?