Anna and Elsa now available at MK? June?

Hi everyone,
I usually just read these forums and don’t post, I am getting ready for 2nd trip this coming early june. Today, Saturday morning I got on the site, and noticed Fastpasses were now available for the A+E meet at MK for June 8th. First of all, I guess that means the Epcot thing won’t be ready by then, because these weren’t available earlier like in March. (Right?)

So I’m posting on here, since it is supposed to be so hard to get for everyone to know there were times available as of now, many of them!! Go check!!

Now, heres my question, I have 2 boys and they’re not huge fans, but I thought it would be kinda neat, pictures and autograph, and just to say we did it since it is supposed to be so hard…but I gave up a fastpass for Pirates of C, thinking maybe I could do standby one of my 2 days there, or get a day-of fastpass for it. Was I right/wrong to do this? Now I am worried I gave up a ride boys would probably love (Haven’t ridden) For something that they may only be lukewarm about…

But, if I can end up riding the Pirates w out too much wait anyway, it was probably worth it…thoughts?

If you definitely want to do both, I would FP A&E since you usually can find a time that PoC standby line is less than 20 minutes. If you change your mind I found that PoC were one of the few FPs that I could change to last minute and find any time I wanted.

PofC isn’t worth a FP as the ride has low wait times most morning even on CL 9/10 days. It was a much better use for Anna and Elsa. However, I think of FPs of being like gold and my own boy would kill me if I dragged him to Anna & Elsa (and he is a fan of Frozen but not princesses). The Jungle Cruise or Huanted Mansion are excellent uses of a FP. Choose something that has a long wait on your TP. Perhaps you could meet A&E while the boys do something different?

Thank you both for replying, good tips…So, I put on POC on my 1st day TP at MK, and was able to find an 18 min wait time standby…so I will try that. I am still not sure what to do, I think I may cancel it…its tough bc I am keeping this trip a surprise, so I can’t ask my boys if they’d be interested, and its just going to be us so I don’t want to separate and do different fastpassess…

I think I like it for myself more, lol, and felt good that I actually scored this “impossible” reservation…

Also, we are having a dinner at Cinderella’s table, so I guess that will be enough princesses.

Maybe I should change it to Space Mountain, even though I have a FP for another day for that, I know they love that ride…decisions!!

If you want to see A&E than you should!! I think the best use of FP is what fits into your plan that saves time.

If you want to see them then definitely keep it, I imagine most of the trip will be about them. Make sure you choose things you want to do too.

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second them was refering to your sons

You have a point there, Tate :wink: Well…still thinking…I like Space Mtn too…thank you everyone for the advice, I kinda think if we are not die hard fans, or even really big ones (honestly I like Rapunzel more, lol) Maybe its skippable…too bad Olaf wasn’t there, I do like him quite a bit!